Client interviews, documentation of existing conditions, site measurements and base drawings, photographs, understanding project parameters, code and permit research, request survey as needed, assessment if involvement of licensed architect needed. Typical deliverables include base drawings of site including dimensions (or "as-built drawings") and photo documentation. Determination if licensed architect is required for permitting, zoning or other code related work. 

GOAL:  Documentation of existing site, understanding design objectives and parameters, and creation of initial strategies

Studies of space and proposal of initial design concepts conveyed through sketches and diagrams, space plans, and 3D white model views.  Introductory concepts for fixture and finish selections.  Examination of various spatial layouts for feasibility and aesthetic purposes.  Phases of refinement and enhancement for client presentation. Meetings and extensive client feedback generally required during this phase.  Typical deliverables include Diagrams, blocking plans, Space Plans, 3D views, renderings, and concept boards for finishes, fixtures, furniture.  Preliminary budget estimates and time line may be created by contractor.

GOAL:  Uncover optimal design concepts and layouts from which to further develop and refine based on study and client feedback

Additional analysis and refinement of conceptual designs and details to be able to prepare technical drawings for permitting and building. Further detailed plans and elevations, 3D model views and/or renderings used to convey design intent as needed.  Typical deliverables include sets of drawings showing design intent for sign-off and initial selection lists.  Contractor refinement of budget, timeline and scheduling. 

GOAL:  Receive final client approval of design intent and sign-off to move forward with detailed design production 

Detailed construction drawings (by designer and/or licensed architect), selection schedules, budget and timeline, checklists, bids, quotes, coordination with contractor(s).  Heavy contractor involvement at this point to plan and coordinate impending project work. Contractor responsible for finalizing cost of project, scheduling, coordination of trades, and obtaining any necessary permits or clearances required.  

GOAL:  Prepare technical documentation and plans required for construction and selection of finishes and fixtures. Ensuring contractor(s) are fully engaged in the process to execute the project.

On-site design refinement and analysis as needed during construction, project management, final touches, and punch list.

GOAL:  Ensure design intent is executed throughout project and issues that come up in the field are addressed in alignment with intent