2629 W Superior - Luxury Home Renovation

Interior and Architectural design of completely gutted 2 flat in West Town including design of Facade and Exterior, Garage, Yard, Staircases, Kitchen, Bar, Bathrooms, Fireplace and more. Home was listed on the MLS starting the end of October 2016. In addition, a website and large sign for construction lot was created to market a new luxury home coming to the West Town neighborhood in Chicago. Website designed to contain future information about the development, construction progress and photos plus updated 3D model walkthoughs to demonstrate the space. View website at www.2629wsuperior.com

View website developed to help market the property above for additional info and photos

Animated 3D Model Walkthrough
Kitchen Design
Kitchen Bookcase and Understair Bar
Large sign graphic created early in the project to provide info and create interest.
view album of animations at https://vimeo.com/album/4218007
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